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How to Give Your Home a Rustic Decor Makeover

It seems like the biggest trend in home decorating is the rustic decor look. Before you invest in a tree house hanging suspended between two real, live trees in the middle of the forest, take stock of your existing home. There are plenty of ways to give it a more rustic, natural look whether it is a single-family home or an apartment. Here are some ideas to help you inspire your inner interior designer.

Start with the exterior. What do you see when you look at the front of your home? If you own your home, why not buy a barn door and install it to make your entrance introduce the whole rustic theme of your home? You may want to change out your existing garage door, too. Install a wood-paneled door for a great old-fashioned, carriage house appearance.



Next, think of ways you can bring a natural earthy, woodsy look into the home itself. You can have the most modern home with an open floor plan. It can still be transformed with wood and soft, neutral paints and fabrics. If there are any ways you can expose any existing beams in your home, do this to bring out the authentic rustic feel your home already possesses.

Wooden doors made from reclaimed barn wood and the hardware that attaches them to the doorways can be installed anywhere you like. You can even use the same type of wood for table tops, office desks, bookshelves, and even outdoor decks. This wood is already reclaimed so by putting it to use in your home your are helping to protect the environment.

As you work to redecorate the interior of the home, be aware of ways to play clean, modern furnishings off of deep, dark rich wood tones. You might want to paint a den white for example. Then, add wooden doors or shelves as a contrast to the white walls and ceilings. You could even add white, modern chairs and a table to complete the contrast. Think in terms of ways to play the rustic look off of the modern look and you will create your own vision for this trend in interior design.

Consider installing wooden beams over a white ceiling in that den or in a dining room. You can most certainly “fake” the look of a wood-beamed farmhouse by doing this. There is nothing wrong with doing so.

You will be making good use of wood which you can find in its reclaimed state at a local dealer of reclaimed woods. These places are growing in popularity due to the highly recyclable state of wood. You are sure to find one near you by searching online for “reclaimed wood”.

What is great about purchase rustic decor items is that most all of them on the market are made using modern techniques. Many makers of barn doors and wood tables also provide consumers with the hardware to install them. These pieces of hardware are made to operate for years with very little maintenance.

For furniture coverings or bedding, try to keep the fabrics neutral in tone. If you like, you can also add the odd animal print patterned decorative pillow. This adds a splash of color and definition to what is also a somewhat subdued look.

Kitchens can be renovated using the latest appliances in tandem with the most rustic looking tables, chairs or even cabinetry. Search for local cabinet makers who can custom design wood finishes for your kitchen cabinets. For a streamlined look, have these same types of cabinets installed in bathrooms. You may even want to spread the look to laundry rooms or bedrooms.

You do not have to hire a professional to add rustic decor to your home. However, if you wish to install beams, a deck, or you want to reclaim old beams or fireplaces, you may want to contact a local designer and contractor for more help.

Give any room of your home a dose of rustic decor that will inspire all who enter your home. Even if you have a simple apartment, you can paint it white and add wood touches on furnishings for a rustic look.


How To Get Your Romantic Wedding With Rustic Wedding Decorations On A Budget

There seem to be two types of wedding day dreams: those that hope for a lush, breathtaking wedding with all the bells and whistles of a princess-like ceremony, and those who want a return to the basics with romantic rustic wedding decorations.

Both styles have their value, but in more recent years the ‘natural look’ has become prevalent. But how to get the natural rustic wedding look and find all these rustic wedding decorations, especially on a budget?

What The Style Is

When reaching for a dictionary, ‘rustic’ is described as being of or relating to the countryside or made in a plain and simple fashion. Other words that come to mind are ‘simple’, ‘homely’, even ‘unsophisticated’ and of course the word ‘rusty’.

Don’t let these words mislead you to thinking a rustic wedding is just a modern expression for ‘cheap wedding’. ‘Rustic’ is a fashion style and like all styles, it carries a price-tag.

Fortunately rustic allows for a more flexible and original look where elements, materials and fabrics are concerned and often only need to be accents.

And herein lies the secret: accents in decoration are certain elements that make the whole rustic look work. They will add texture and style to your reception.

Rustic Location

The first thing you will need is a location, and if you want to go for the full rustic look, seek out a country location. Barns, ranches and other country locations are great places to start. Look around at what is available and make sure it is in a relative easily accessible area. Don’t be surprised if a few dedicated wedding barns have quite the price tag: rustic locations are high in demand and most great venues know their worth.

Depending on your budget you will find great places especially outside of the big cities. If you have a friend or a relative who has the perfect location, ask them. Even if you can’t find a barn or ranch, a park or a nice yard will do. An outside wedding is a great option, just consider the weather.

But if you can’t find or can’t afford a country location or live in a big city, a rustic wedding is still a possibility. As mentioned earlier, rustic is an accent. Any place can be given this accent.

Rustic Accents And Where To Find Them

If you use the dictionary as a starting point, one more definition can be found: reuse or recycle.

That means the accents can be elements that have had a specific use and are now being reused for your wedding. Popular rustic wedding decorations in this vein are Mason jars, reclaimed wood slices as charger plates, maple or birch candle holders, burlap or lace accessories and other things.

A lot of these can be bought ready-made, but many of these can be found by you.

If you are on a budget and want to have the perfect rustic wedding, the trick is to start early with the decorations. You will need time to go out and visit places that could have what you need. You can also start by skipping through places like Pinterest for ideas.

The next step is to hit different stores. Flea Markets are always great locations to find vintage elements on the cheap. Look out for Mason jars, old window and picture frames, used burlap sacks, old candle stick holders, wood planter boxes, old wood crates, metal or zinc buckets, old bottles, etc.

Check also in crafts stores, antique stores and other places that sell used and reused materials. Wedding stores also carry a lot of these materials already, but they do often charge more. Still, investigate all of your options and ask for help from your friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Plan Ahead

The best way to know what to get is to plan ahead. For example, think about how you would like to have the wedding cake table, or the gifts table. How many guests will you have? How many tables will you have? How much room is there?

Once you made an outline of your wishes and had some inspirations, write down what you need for the individual looks. If you are going to have a wedding cake for example, think about wood slices to build charger plates. If you want everyone to drink from Mason jars, find out how many you will need.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ideas for your wedding. Look around the internet and skip through Pinterest and copy and modify ideas. It is your wedding, but to go with the rustic wedding decorations style is to be willing to reuse and recycle ideas as well.


Simple And Easy Farmhouse Decor Ideas

If you are a fan of farmhouse decor, it might seem like hard work to achieve the look you want. The reality is that it is fairly simple to transform your ho-hum surroundings into the place you have been dreaming of. Here are some simple ideas you can use to get the look you want without making any major renovations.

Install A Few Kitchen Shelves

One thing you might notice if you walk into most farmhouses is the fact that they do not have huge cabinets in the kitchen. Instead of worrying about things like knobs and pulls, you can focus on adding a few shelves. These are multipurpose and can be used for everything from storing dishes to organizing spices. The best thing is that you can install a few of these with only a little money and effort.

Stain Your Countertops

If you have a home with old, scratched wood countertops, you should consider adding stain to it. While it used to be considered unattractive to have dated, wooden butcher block style counters, these days people who find homes that have them are rejoicing. These tend to have a great deal of wear and tear, which is why you should consider staining and maintaining it instead of trying to have it removed.

Buy White Dishes

This may seem like something that is far too easy, but it is probably one of the simplest farmhouse decor ideas anyone could ever give you. These days, people find dishes with all types of intricate designs and they show them off to their pals. While there is nothing wrong with this, these dishes are a far cry from the austere, white dishes that are popular in the country. If your goal is to stick with a farmhouse theme, nix the colored dishes and reach for the white ones.

Purchase More Burlap

When you are buying things like throw pillows for your couch and dish towels, try looking for those that are made of burlap. This basic, plain material easily evokes the farmhouse decor theme you are going for. If you are unable to find things that are made of burlap, you can get creative with a sewing machine and make your own. Since your theme is farmhouse, it is okay if all of your stitching is not absolutely perfect.

Buy Unfinished Furniture

It is not as common to find unfinished furniture these days as it used to be, but you should certainly consider digging for this elusive pot of farmhouse gold. When you buy unfinished furniture, it gives you the plain, simple look while giving you the chance to do whatever you like to personalize the item. For example, if you want to have a few of the painted chairs like they once had in old farmhouses, all you have to do is buy a few unfinished chairs, a couple of cans of paint and devote a little time to this project when you have a day off.

Keep in mind that there are other ways to make unfinished furniture take on the look you like. Using different wood stains, fire and a Swiss army knife can give your furniture a look that says it has been around a while, even if it was just purchased. This is a look that is very common when you are going for a farmhouse theme.

Get Simple Add-Ons

Things like shag rugs, bearskin pelts and wicker baskets are all very inexpensive and easy to get your hands on. Consider buying items like this if you want to give your home a farm look without spending far too much money and investing more time into the project than you had hoped for. You can browse yard sales, antique stores and online auction sites for these items. You will find that many of these items can be purchased for next to nothing.

If you are looking to give your home a homey, quaint look reminiscent of an older farmhouse, you should consider all of the ideas that were mentioned above. All of these ideas will not require you to spend a great deal of time or money on them, so try a few and have fun.